Stuck on "Attempting to contact device"

There are a few things that can cause the website to stick on "Trying to contact device ..."

  1. The phone doesnt have a network connection. Please make sure the device has access to the internet and Background Data is enabled in Android Settings > Accounts & Sync.

  2. You have a firewall blocking the communication between the device and our servers. This can be a app on the device such as "droidwall", or a firewall on the network. Please configure the firewall to allow traffic for SeekDroid and Googles C2DM Server (TCP and UDP Port 5228).

  3. Open the Android Market and make sure you do are not prompted to agree to a new license agreement.

  4. SeekDroid somehow lost registration with Googles C2DM server. Open SeekDroid on the device, login, and click Push Message Registration. Wait a few minutes and everything should work again.

As a last resort, follow these steps:

1) Log into and delete your device that is not working by clicking the trash can.
2) Go to Android Settings > Location & Security > Device Administrators > uncheck SeekDroid if it exists.
3) Now navigate to Android Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All Tab > SeekDroid > and Click Uninstall.
4) Reboot your device
5) Reinstall SeekDroid from where you purchased it.
6) Reopen SeekDroid from the app drawer and log into your SeekDroid account.
7) Wait a minute or two and log back into the website on a Desktop/Laptop and test it

If it still doesn't work, try the following ...
1) Toggle wifi on or off
2) Download and test "Chrome to Phone". If this does not work, there is an issue with C2DM on the device.
3) Open Google Talk