Get a more accurate location

Make sure Use wireless networks and Use GPS Satellites permissions are enabled in Android Settings > Location & security settings > My Location. Note: Checking the boxes will NOT affect battery life. Refer to this article for more information:

The rest of this article will explain different location technologies and how Android uses them.

There are a few different technologies used when locating your device. GPS, WiFi Location, and Cellular Triangulation. GPS is the most accurate technology, usually within 15 meters or less, but it often does not work indoors. GPS will usually only work when the device is within sight of the sky. When the device is indoors Android will use the WiFi Location, this location is usually accurate to about 30 meters. This will get you close enough to the device so you can hear the Alarm tone when it is sent. The next location technology used is called Cell Triangulation, which is so inaccurate it is almost useless to us. It is displayed as a last resort or "quick lock" to get a ballpark location before getting a more accurate one. If your settings are correct, you will most likely never be left with a Cell Triangulation lock.

Remember, the accuracy of the location information depends ONLY on your device and its settings. If you would like an idea of the accuracy before buying the app, open Google Maps and see how accurate the location information is. Our application gathers the most accurate location information available from your device.