SeekDroid v2 Update / Cant log in

If you cant log in, its likely you have not upgraded to v2 of SeekDroid.


1) Update SeekDroid from Android Market OR Amazon Appstore for FREE
2) Open the app and setup a NEW ACCOUNT. Old accounts will not work.
3) Log in at
4) Select the device you just added by clicking the name
5) Test out some things and make sure everything works

Note: You have the OPTION to upgrade to a monthly-subscription for addition features. This it NOT required.

Additional notes:

SeekDroid v2 is now available in the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. We ask everyone to update the app as soon as possible. This update, as all others, is free of charge. We have moved to email addresses instead of usernames, therefore everyone must re-setup their SeekDroid Accounts by opening the application. If the app was hidden before upgrading, you may need to reboot the device to unhide SeekDroid and setup your new account.

Most of the changes we have made in this update are to the backend, to allow us to easily add new features in the near future. You will also notice that we have added the option for our customers to upgrade to a monthly subscription for advanced features. These features are optional, and we expect most users will not upgrade. They are mainly geared towards businesses, power users, and parents tracking their children. Our server cannot handle everyone using these features for a one-time fee.

A lot of users are concerned with this change, but rest assured that we will be adding new features for non-monthly paying customers as well. Everything that was available in the previous version is still available at no monthly fee, and our customers will not be treated any differently based on their plan. Only features that use substantial amounts of server resources, such as breadcrumb location, will be limited to the monthly subscribers.

We appreciate your patience through this rough update. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us on our support page at