SMS How-To and Help

SeekDroid now can be controlled by Text Messaging!

This functionality will allow you to locate your lost or stolen phone at any time even if you do not have access to a computer or another smartphone.

To enable SeekDroid SMS just follow these steps.

  • First make sure that you have the latest version of SeekDroid by checking the Market or Appstore that you purchased SeekDroid at. If you do need to upgrade please do so at this time.

  • Next Open SeekDroid and Login

  • Enable SMS by checking Enable SeekDroid SMS

  • IMPORTANT: Set your SMS Pin by clicking on My SMS Pin. Do NOT use the default Pin of seekdroid

  • Next Enable SMS any commands you wish by checking the appropriate box.

  • Congrats, SeekDroid SMS is now enabled and ready to use.

To use SeekDroid SMS

  • First be sure that you have enabled SeekDroid SMS by using the steps above.

  • Next grab a friend's phone and send a new text message to your cell phone number with the message MyPin help. Note: Enter in your pin that you setup in the previous steps instead of MyPin.

  • After a few moments you should receive a reply stating the available commands.

  • Now that SeekDroid SMS is working correctly you can send a new text message with the message MyPin Command, except you will enter the pin that you previously setup instead of MyPin and the command that you would like to execute instead of command

  • An example is below

    MyPin is 8445

    I want to locate the phone

    I grab my friend Chris's phone and text my cell phone the message 8445 locate

    Next I want to sound the alarm

    Still using Chris's phone I text my cell phone the message 8445 alarm This phone is lost, if you find it please call Chris's Phone

Available Commands for SeekDroid SMS

lock EnterLockCodeHere : This will lock the device

wipe : This will wipe the device

setup EnterEmailHere : This is used to setup SeekDroid remotely via SMS

alarm EnterMessageHere : This will display an Alarm message on the device

locate : This will start 5 minutes of tracking, and will respond back with many SMS messages for 5 minutes

locate once : This will only locate the device once